Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Black Dub" in the studio - "Nomad Knows" from Daniel Lanois on Vimeo.

ballpoint maze

all better...not bitter

Yesterday, in never neverland
the hawk kicked the vultures
out of the circle in the sky
and the swallows sipped the river
in swirls of mellow gold.
Bit down on all that could have been
and surrendered up to what was...
Expert rites and hallelujah calls
to make time stand still long enough
to catch its scent...fresh, warm, now..
not bitter, all better from before
when the hunger pangs
locked the door and blinded
me in your house.

Hummingbird Party

Sometimes when it gets to the brink
of a big old cliff above the sea
you're a tropics bird whistling dixie
to the fishes below
i'm the rock that couldn't fly
showing up 25 years late to the
hummingbird party...
in the maze of lace
that is this crazy place
i think i finally discovered
that the best answers
are the ones offered up
at the end of weak
moment in paradise.

It slowed me down a little...

I got tattooed on my heart
where the fates can see
the blood that's let off the leash
every now and then
to put my dog in that fight
i got the branding done on my soul
parts that make a whole
in those moments of clarity
when i'm not forced to stop
and think...
about the havoc
that could be cooked up
if a sword was pulled out
and dragged across
the marinade of everything
i suddenly see if i'm not
forced to stop
and think...
it slowed me down a little
before the brakes broke
and the sword brought
sparks that ignited the oil
...glistening... on the
fine ass of this world.

On not crossing the road...

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